Are you passionate about cooking and healthy eating?

Cooking 4 Life
Job Description
Are you a Health Coach, Wellness Professional, Nurse, Nutritionist or Personal Trainer? Or passionate about health and cooking? We are looking for cooking coaches and Professional partners. We are hiring part-time, full-time and management positions. 

We are a health and nutrition company that specializes in teaching people how to prepare healthy meals for their families using the right equipment and techniques. We have a full wellness center with 1,600 square foot kitchen where we bring in guest speakers, teach classes on clean eating and cooking and host team building cooking classes. We are looking for candidates to be educators at our wellness center. 

Cooking experience is not necessary. We train. 
We partner with holistic practitioners, fitness professionals, Nutritionists, chiropractors and natural healing centers to bring Health Consciousness into the kitchen. 
To List a few: 
• The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
• CHEK Institute; and 
• Dr. Dan Rogers, Gerson Plus 

Please submit resume & cover letter.

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